Made-to-measure rhetorical acts from James P. Beasley

James P. Beasley, Ph.D.

James teaches courses in rhetorical theory, history, and research at the University of North Florida, Jacksonville. His work has been published in College Composition and Communication, JGE: the Journal of General Education, and Rhetoric Review



Although a current Florida resident, James is still very tied to his Chicago roots. While in Chicago, James worked as a community organizer for low-cost housing reform in the South Loop. He and his wife, Kimberly, enjoy loft living and design with their two cats. He is a graduate of Valparaiso University (MA, 1997), and Purdue University (Ph.D., 2007).


Bespoken is a philosophy of tailoring, a local fabric would "be spoken" for by the customer. These ideas, "tailor-made," "customization," and "local materials" all inform my philosophy of writing, research, and materiality. In Chicago, I made use of the archives of the Regenstein Library for my history of rhetoric at Chicago. In Florida, I have made use of its "one size fits all" assessment programs for my histories of graduate rhetorical study and assessment's implications for social justice. In Jacksonville, I have made use of the TPC Stadium golf course for my Augmented Reality Critique of its cycles of spectacle and consumption.  Stay tuned for upcoming fall 2018 collections!